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Guest post by Didier Penine, Director of Say it with Champers


Social distancing now in full force, more and more people are taking to the internet to purchase gifts for either a special occasion or just to send a gesture of kindness to a colleague, friend or loved one.

Choosing the right gift can be tricky at the best of times, but as more and more brands adapt to online supply and delivery, the internet has become crowded with options making it even harder to decide on that perfect gift.

Personalised gifts have been around for some time, but right now during this crisis, they offer a solution to send something unique to that special person. Whether it’s an anniversary, birthday, Christmas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, a retirement, a new baby, or an engagement, sending a personalised gift adds that little extra touch to brighten up their day.


Why choose a personalised gift?

Personalised products are all the rage these days; they have always been popular but with the introduction of new technologies they have become more widely available and ever more popular. There are some very good reasons for this:

 They are different to the norm. There’s only so much excitement you can get from being given a pair of socks two or three times a year!

 Personalised gifts show your loved ones that you have put time and thought into your choice. You cannot simply walk into a supermarket and buy a personalised item; a certain amount of thought and planning must go into such a purchase.

 Personalised gifts by their very nature are totally unique, they are a true one-off and have that extra special value for this reason. This is a benefit to both the recipient and the giver; the recipient has a totally new gift and the giver knows that no-one
else will have bought the same item.

 They have the wow factor. There’s something special about seeing a product with your name on it. The joy of seeing such an item is the closest you will get to that feeling of opening presents on a birthday or Christmas as a child.

 Personalised gifts will always be remembered and not stored in a drawer to be found years later during a house move or sort-out.

 Personalised gifts have a story behind them and when you look back at an item 5 years down the line you will remember where you got it and not be puzzled as to why you have it.

 Personalised gifts are suitable for all ages and genders. Think about it, whether you are a child who receives a personalised placemat, or a grandparent that receives a bottle of personalised Champagne, the joy of receiving it is just the same.


What makes the ideal personalised gift?


When purchasing a personalised gift, it’s important to take into account the receiver’s personal preference and the occasion itself. Some gifts are clearly going to be more suitable than others.

Let’s take for example a 50th wedding anniversary; a bottle of personalised wedding Champagne will usually be more appreciated than a personalised mouse mat for example!

Alcohol is usually well-received, and most people seem to enjoy a glass of sparkling wine from time to time. Say it with Champers has a fantastic selection of personalised Champagne and Prosecco, and after all, no drink shouts celebration like Champagne does. Champagne is recognised as a premium feel-good product which you will recognise as a symbol of success or celebration. Think of Formula 1, Man of the Match awards in football, or tournament wins in golf, what do they use to celebrate their success? Champagne of course.


So, when you take such a prestigious and premium product and then personalise it suit the recipient, you’ll be creating an all-round perfect gift for any occasion. Next time you head to the internet scouring for the perfect gift, why not visit www.sayitwithchampers.co.uk and add a little extra love.